HomeAssistant Charity?

Any way to make the time we spend on Home Assistant a charitable donation so I can take it off of my taxes??? Just got through doing them. I may not be buying anymore automation stuff for a couple of months!!! LOL

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I mean, I bought a t-shirt can I count that as a charitable donation??? LOL :slight_smile:

The shirt can, as long as you present a receipt. Not sure how much that will help your taxes.

Contributing to an open source project would be a much harder sell to the IRS though. I would think that @balloob and the other core devs may have a argument, strictly on the amount of personal resources they have dedicated to the project, but the IRS would look more at our level of contribution as “in kind”. Meaning, we get something back of value; an argument I wouldn’t dispute.

You’re no fun. LOL

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