Homeassistant Cloud, 4 speed Lutron Caseta Fan Controller & Alexa only able to set 3 speeds

Not sure if this belongs here or with the Lutron Caseta Pro Custom Component github issues page.

Running HA 0.93 with the Lutron Caseta Pro custom component.

I recently bought a Lutron Caseta Fan Controller. It is a 4 speed controller and supports 4 speeds (low, medium, medium_high, high). Everything works as expected through HA, I Can access all 4 speeds. I exposed it to Alexa for voice control via HA Cloud and I am having trouble accessing Medium_High via Alexa.

I can ask it to set to Low/High which works great, seeing past posts I saw that Alexa wouldn’t set via the word medium and people had to use numerical values or percentages instead. I went through them last night and it seems

1-33 = low
34-66 = medium
67-100 = high

If it is set on high and I ask Alexa to decrease fan speed it skips Medium High and goes to Medium

For now I wrote a script in HA to set Medium High and exposed it to Alexa and tied to a routine which works but obviously not the most optimal solution.

Just wondering where the issue lies, my coworker says he is able to control his 7 speed fan controller via HA cloud and Alexa and access all the speeds.

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