[homeassistant.components.cloud.google_config] Error reporting state - 14: The service is currently unavailable

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.cloud.google_config] Error reporting state - 13: Internal error encountered
WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.cloud.google_config] Error reporting state - 14: The service is currently unavailable.
Getting a lot of these errors. Google assistant is set up via UI and nabu casa. At this moment, HA is connected.
While using Google assistant, I get serveral times that Nabu Casa is not available/reachable, and a few moments later, there’s no problem.
We’re paying for this service. But, it’s not reliable right now. Please, have a look at it.

Nabu Casa has a support email address. However you might want to have a look at your own network first. It is very stable here.

Own network is very stable. As a programmer, i’m working from home for 2 years now. I’m working remote. No problems at all .

Then send NC support an email.

found this:

Known problem…

You can check AWS servers here: https://status.aws.amazon.com/

The Google Assistant integration and the remote access are separate, so you can’t really go by Google’s response to tell you that the entire service is down. If remote access is still working for you, then it isn’t down, it’s just a (known) issue with the Google Assistant integration.

The Google Assistant and Alexa integrations are having issues with latency lately and will spit out these generic responses. Often the action requested will occur anyway, but you’ll hear “(HA entity) is not responding” from Alexa, or with Google, “unable to connect to Home Assistant by Nabu Casa”. This is being addressed by re-writing the relayer Nabu Casa uses which relays your HA server’s communication to Google and/or Amazon. It needs to be tested and deployed, and this takes time. It is expected to be in place in February. Then region specific instances of the relayer will be made available which should further improve on the situation.

Well, i see Amazon had no problems. But in ha, config, i see a timeout, and checking online, as you see, also gives errors . …
Anyway, you say the relayer is being rewritten. So, 5hat’s good news :slight_smile:

The new relayer was deployed! This only took a few minutes, and was done earlier today. Now it’s time to see if it helps!

You don’t have to restart HA for your server to re-connect, or sign in or out of cloud, but you can. If you wait long enough it will just connect on its own or it has already happened.

Try out your Google and/or Alexa voice assistants and apps and see how it goes.

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Yes, the cloud connection problems are gone!
I hope it’s solved now.
Great work!