HomeAssistant consultant / angel, $100/hour?

One of my MQTT integrations recently broke (Ring Alarm), and it’s driving me and my family crazy. I’ve tried every (simple) troubleshooting step I can find, but as a tinkerer, I think I’m out of my depth.

Are there any HA experts on this forum who would be willing to help me out? I could provide you the credentials to access my system so you could debug remotely. I would also be happy to pay an hourly rate ($100/hr or whatever you charge).

Does this kind of HA angel exist? :pray:

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Have you tried asking for assistance on this forum (it’s free)?

Assuming you are using the add-on, have you tried looking through the issues here:


Download MQTT explorer to your workstation and connect it to your MQTT broker to see what is happening there.
This will give you an idea whether it is before or after the MQTT broker the error is.