HomeAssistant Core 11.2 (OS 9.3) - cloud integrations not working

I received a notice this morning of a new CORE 11.2. I updated.
Then I reboot the HAYellow I am running on.
After the system reboot, I cannot access MOST of my devices, especially those that connect via a cloud account. On the integrations panel, I see a ‘gray cloud’ icon next to almost all my devices. The only ones that are working, are my Zigbee units.

How do i fix this? power-cycle/ reboot the unit?

Similar issues happened to my installation on a Raspi: [Issue] Mqtt and tuya exceptions during startup - system only partially working

Seems that the problem was on the Tuta cloud side. Maybe the certificate has expired. I loggen on to their service and re-enabled it and all devices start working again.