HomeAssistant(Core) on unRAID - Add-ons(?)

Hey there!

I’m just having a bit of trouble getting Home Assistant fully set up on my unRAID server. I’m using this version of Home Assistant (which seems to be HA-Core), and I’m coming from the Supervised RasPi version. I understand this version of HA doesn’t have the “add-ons” like the Supervised version, and I do have the add-ons (Grocy, ESPHome, etc.) I was using on my RasPi working wonderfully in their respective containers. My problem is that I’m not quite sure how to tie these containers back into HA to add their tiles/other functions. I’ve done my little bit of research into it and from what I’ve read I need to somehow point these containers back at HA, and I understand that every addon is different in how you point it to the HA IP and port, but I can’t find any helpful explanation (or really any explanation at all) about how to do this.

I’m sure I’m jumping the gun here too, would there be any way to add the tabs in the side bar for easy access to the webgui’s? Eventually going to have a wall mounted tablet for the HA dashboard and having easy access to, say, my grocy webgui would be amazing

I seriously appreciate any help that’s given!