Homeassistant Crash very often


I am running a Homeassistant on My Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM.
I have a brand new SD Card (recommended one for Raspberry) and I use the official power plug.

On my Pi I have running as addon:

  • Zigbee2mqtt
  • Raspberrymatic
  • DuckDNS

that’s it, noting special and no addons via HACS and so on.
The Pi is completly unreachable after the crash, so it’s hard to troubleshoot the issue for me.
Does anyone has any Idea what I can do? It’s not the only Homeassistant I am running but it’s the only one with these huge problems.

The units can be faulty even if they are recommended and official.
It can be both the SDcard, the powerplug and the Raspi itself.
If you can then do a successive test, where you replace one of the parts (maybe swap it from another Raspi setup) and see if still exist or in the case of a swap if it moved to the other setup.