HomeAssistant Devices in SmartThings App


Is there any way to control devices from Home Assistant with SmartThings? I would like to use the SmartThings app on my Samsung smartphone to control the devices, because the SmarThings app is so well integrated in the OneUI. So far, I’ve only ever found a way to integrate devices from SmartThings into HomeAssistant.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks a lot

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I tried for a while and gave up.
I wanted all my automations and devices in one place.

Google Home is easy to push devices from HA.

In the end, I integrated everything into HA … big lesson learnt when I changed my phone

Thank you for the answer!

I also use HA for a long time already with Google Home. I use it to control my KNX devices. I also don’t have any devices on SmartThings yet and don’t plan to. My goal is to simply turn on or off a switch or light from HomeAssistant with the SmartThings app.

Ok so I wanted the same so I could use the new device panel in OneUI 3.0 on Android 11.

I think I have a way of doing it but I’ve just moved house and havent got HA back up and running yet so I can’t test it out.

If you log into your smarthings account on the smarthings IDE you can add simulated devices.
I’m hoping these can be added to HA with the smarthings integration.

Then create an automation to change the state of an entity when the state of the simulated entity is changed.

It could take a while to setup if you have a lot of device but I think it should work.

Hopefully I will get a chance to test it out soon

Also depending on what device you have you might get the update to take you to OneUI 3.1 which can use the devices panel with Google home devices.

You could create switches & sensors within Home Assistant then push those out to Google.
You can then use ‘OK Google’ to control the devices.

I honestly wouldn’t try integrating into Smart Things unless you want to use their devices.

I already have everything I need as a Google home device but I want to use the new device panel in OneUI 3.0 to quickly turn on and off devices with my phone without having to open the HA app.


Just upgraded to the S21 Ultra, makes more sense now with the OneUI update what your after…

However, I noticed you can actually change the device source!
Using the HA app, I changed what devices I wanted and started using that.

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Unfortunately for me I’ve got a galaxy s10+ which is only on OneUI 3.0 which only allows smarthings, you need OneUI 3.1 to change which app to use.

I’m hoping I get the update to 3.1 but I’m not sure if my device is at the end of the update cycle now.

It’s cool to see you can just use home assistant directly though, thought it was only smarthings and Google home.

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hi, how did you integrate hassio on smartthings? I followed this guide, I created the project, the handlers, published everything but I could not find hassio inside the phone app

Hi, I was originally looking for a repository like this…
But unfortunately too late. Samsung has made fundamental changes to the SmartThings Platform and newly created Groovy scripts no longer work (Announcement | Changes to our Legacy SmartThings Platform - Announcements - SmartThings Community).

So I tried as well and was unsuccessful for a few days because Smartthings closed down the ability add new groovy apps. But a month ago I tried again and it actually worked. I can’t explain how I got it working other than persistently trying. Now that the app is in Smartthings I have no issues accessing it whenever I want and integrating my Hassio devices inside of Smartthings.

This is especially useful if you want to create more integrated automations for devices such as Smart Tags that are only accessible in Smartthings.

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Can you tell me where you find the “HomeAssistant Connect” SmartApp in SmartThings?

You have to add the code (see GitHub repository link in this thread) to Samsung IDE in the SmartApps section. You also have to add the driver code in IDE. It will be available for you to install in the Smartthings app once you’ve added the code. As mentioned, it took me several tries but it finally worked. I can’t guarantee your results but it worked for me a month ago.

Yes I have so far. But where (in which menu) in the SmartThings app would you find HomeAssistant then?

Okay sorry I forgot one major detail that I just realized. I did it on an older version of the Smartthings app. Once it was announced last year that Samsung would not accept groovy apps I stopped enabling automatic updates from the Google Play Store. The version of the app I am using is

If you use that version here is how you do it:

  1. From the home screen click the hamburger menu on the top left
  2. Click SmartApps
  3. Click +
  4. Scroll to the bottom under the Custom section and you should see the app listed there
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ahhh then there is the trick !!! now i try immediately

Well but not very well, I must have done something wrong. But it is a start

Looks like you got the app loaded. From there you just need to add the devices you want to bring over. Once the devices are in Smartthings it should not give you any trouble. Let me know if you end up getting working. Just a disclaimer: Samsung could shut this down at any time so enjoy it while it lasts.

He uploaded the app to me but he doesn’t give me the HA entities. I made a new project and deleted the old one to prove if I was wrong, but it still gives me the old project (which I deleted) 3d ago.

why the Smart Things integration doesn’t work?

I can’t install it.