Homeassistant "disappeared"


My homeassistant is installed for over one year in a Pi4 without any issues. However, a few days ago, it just “disappeared”.

The server is there, and I can ping it. However http://:8123 results “This site can’t be reached”.

How should I start? Is there another way to connect remotely? How to do it locally (without a keyboard!)?

Thank you!

How should

work? It’s missing the hostname or IP-address to connect to it remotely. Try with http://ww.xx.yy.zz:8123
Locally you will need to attach a monitor and a keyboard to your Pi4.
Maybe the SD card in your Pi is corrupt.

Yes, I was using http://:8123 :wink:

(I wrote “IP” between the http/ and the :8123, but as I post it, it is removed)

Just to complement: I can ping the IP address

you need to be sure that you can get to the logs. It can be anything like incorrect configuration, disk full.
I hope you have installed the SSH addon or Samba. If not, connect a screen and keyboard to the RPI.

Have a look here:
Troubleshooting your configuration - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Hi there, I am someone who has been using Apple HomeKit and I had a RPi4 with Homebridge installed to get some of my devices into HomeKit. I had a few containers installed and I got HA HA as a container on that same Pi because I had a number of Zigbee devices left to me by the previous owner of my house that I had started playing with HA to integrate (successfully). I was using HA to expose some of those Zigbee plugs to HomeKit, where I still have most of my automations and only started tinkering with HA to do some more advanced automations and today HA is gone like a fart in the wind. I noticed that one of my auotmations that turns two of those aforementioned Zigbee plugs wasn’t working and so I pulled out my phone to notice all HA devices were offline in HomeKit and then I went to the HA mobile App and it cannot find my home server.

I know the Pi is working fine because I can connect to Homebridge, Scripted and WatchTower and I even tried to restart the HA container in Portainer and to no avail. Any chance I can retrieve what was lost? Is it for sure lost? I can access the terminal through the Homebridge UI if that helps me find what I’m looking for.