HomeAssistant Hassio Supervisor in Docker

I have a question about My Home Assistant Installation in Docker.
I know, that HomeAssistant Supervised is a Docker Installation, and if I Install HomeAssistant in a Docker Container, it is just HomeAssistant Core without Supervisor.
I have an Ubuntu Server with Docker running, and an HomeAssistant Core Container.
But What is Best Practice if I want to use the features of Supervisor.
Should I Install HomeAssistant Supervised outside my Docker Installation?
Or is there a Way I can add the Supervisor to my HomeAssistant Core?
I found therefore on DockerHub this Container:
But I didn’t get it for what it is? If you can add the Supervisor with this Container, Is there somewhere an How-to?

I’m searching for Some Days now for a Solution, what’s the Best Way to get HomeAssistant Supervised on my Linux Server, preferred combined with my Docker installation.
Some things I need Supervisor for, I can use some other Docker Container.
But I would prefer the Supervised Installation because of The Backup Functionality, an Add-on called IsItWorkday, and the Add-on Store itself.

I hope you can help me and bring me on the right Way how to Do it Best.



If you want to run HA with a Supervisor just install the HA Supervised version and be done with it.

You can’t add the supervisor after the fact.

Running the installation script for HA Supervised will install it in Docker.

then you can run anything else you want in Docker as well.

If you install Home Assistant Supervised on Ubuntu, the Supervisor will indicate that your system is “unsupported”. You can run an unsupported system but if you encounter a problem, there’s no official support available from the development team, only from the community. Only Debian is officially supported.

If you install it along with other Docker containers, there are some containers that Home Assistant disallows and will indicate your system is “unhealthy”. Similarly if Home Assistant doesn’t have complete control over the docker system, it will report it as “unhealthy”. When “unhealthy” it will block all upgrades to Home Assistant and prevent installing/upgrading Add-ons.

I think that’s overstating things.

I run a test supervised install on Debian 9 and have over 30 containers running not installed by the supervisor (I have 0 installed by the supervisor) and my system doesn’t report as unhealthy, just as unsupported and I’ve never been blocked from an update.

I can’t speak to the “some containers” statement but I’ve never run into that yet either.

It’s documented here.

Some containers will also conflict with the operations of the Supervisor, if you run any of those your system will also be marked as unhealthy. These containers will be shown in the Supervisor log as errors.

Search results:

so best Way to do it will be an installation of HomeAssistant on an Extra Device/Server

or VM maybe

an VM as Docker Container and in this HomeAssistant OS running.
that doesn’t sound stable and a little bit Overloaded.


A VM with HA
A documented install method

The goal was supervised HA not specifically supervised in docker correct?