HomeAssistant install on a Orange Pi5

Hi all. I’ve been buying sensors and learning Homeassistant - I was using an older laptop that was running an Oracle VM to run Home assistant, but of course, after about a week of working on dashboards and setting things up it exploded (not literally, but stopped working) So now I’m looking for a new home for Homeassistant and since I still can’t seem to find Raspberry Pi’s out there, I was looking for other hardware, I found a few topics here, but the things are a little over my head with the hardware so I apologize if this has been answered.

I saw a few videos with this board:

(and I was going to buy these accessories


I currently own this hub thing:

and the current sensors I have are:

This is probably too much information, but just want to be sure I have the correct “stuff”.
Thank you all.

EDIT: I just saw a video Here That talks about doing an install on a ZimaBoard but have no experience with it or have ever heard of it? it looks way too easy so that makes me nervous.

Did you check https://rpilocator.com/ lately? RPI’s are coming back :wink:
If you are not at ease with installing Linux on random chinese boards, I highly suggest you stick to supported (at least by the community) hardware…

Regarding this specific board, there are high chances you’ll get a HA Container installation working, low chances to have a supported HA Supervised, and no chances to have HAOS.
So, if you don’t need addons, it might be a good choice, although, for that price, you might get some Intel Mini-PC, which will be better supported…

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I have recently bought that Orange Pi - not for HA, but for some other network services like PiHole and NTP server in Docker containers - and it works well so far. I decided to buy a 256 GB M.2 NVMe drive instead of running the operating system off an SD card.
I installed Ubuntu server on it which temporarily requires a micro SD card, but after about an hour or so Ubuntu was happily running off the NVMe drive.

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