HomeAssistant.Local:8123 not working

For some reason my HomeAssistant.local:8123 gives “This page isn’t working, homeassistant.local didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” yet the :4357 returns a connected, supported healthy. I have a keyboard and screen on my Pi400 and it seems to load up OK. I even resorted to putting a new HA on the pi, and that all works OK. How can I do a restore from the raspberry pi, where are the backup folders ?

AT LAST!! I have found the reason! What had happened first was my duckdns:8123 has stopped working, no idea why, that is another problem I need to deal with. ANYWAY, one thing that was suggested to me was to clear out my cashe, which I did. HOWEVER, what I did not realise is, HTTP://HomeAssistant.Local:8123 should be HTTPS://HomeAssistant.Local:8123 and after it gives me a warning, it all springs back into life! PHEW as could not find any way to restore it from the RaspberryPi

Same issue after installing nginx proxy and duckDNS.

Steps worked for me - use https://homeassistant.local:xxxx and uninstall the addons