Homeassistant.local after moving from Pi to NUC (with Docker)


Have been running Home Assistant on a Pi for about a year, when the microSD card on the Pi died…
Took the “opportunity” :smiley: :smiley: to move to an Intel NUC running Ubuntu, with Home Assistant in a Docker container.

All running well, except accessing HA using homeassistant.local does’nt work anymore. Not that it is a big problem, but wondering what I would need to do to ghet this handy shortcut back.

I’m suspecting two possible reasons:

  • Home Assistant is running in a Docker container and I need somehow to enable Bonjour in the container?

  • The NUC is accessible through two different IP addresses on two different MAC addresses, one wired and one wireless, so I may need to configure which one will be homeassistant.local ?
    Second thought, nah… Was the same with the Pi…

I’m reasonably knowledgeable of networking but yes, reasonably…

Anyone can help ?

I have always used a static ip for HA so never ran into that.

Assume the docker container does not even attempt to broadcast a name, if you want one, either the device running docker should do it on its behalf, or your name server should if you are using a separate one

Yes, of course, I also have static IPs whenever needed/useful :slight_smile:
I wast just wondering :wink: