Homeassistant not detecting devices on virt machine

hi all,

i have some strange annoying problems on installing HA .

i installed homeassistant on a virtualbox image on windows, when i start up the ha is directly recognizes all devices on my network .

when i install the ha image on an ubuntu desktop machine , ha is running but not detecting anything…

what is wrong… or what do i need to do ???

I’d guess the problem is to do with the configuration of the VM on that Ubuntu desktop machine - but sadly you’ve given us nothing to work with.

What VM software are you using? What installation guide did you follow?

on my windows machine , i used oracle virtualbox with the linux virtual box image ( vdi ) , the network is bridged with the wireless adapter

on the ubuntu machine i used the virtual machine manager and i used all available images there to make it work (vdi, qcow, vmdk) , i followed the instruction from several sources but all with no succes… the last one that has all settings i used to was : How to Setup Home assistant on Ubuntu (supervised) from scratch as virtual machine (KVM) - YouTube

Thanks for your time !