HomeAssistant not updating ESPHome changed IP

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I have successfully changed the IP address, but HA is still looking for it on the old IP and the Device/Entity shows up as unavailable. I cannot even delete the device.

Any suggestions?

A second identical unit works fine (when the Ip was changed). New IP is

2022-03-23 12:17:07 WARNING (MainThread) [aioesphomeapi.reconnect_logic] Can't connect to ESPHome API for garage1 @ Error connecting to ('', 6053): [Errno 113] Connect call failed ('', 6053)

I am not sure if this is an ESPHome bug, an ESPHome Integration bug or an HA bug!

INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/garage1.yaml...
INFO Starting log output from using esphome API
INFO Successfully connected to
[12:20:45][I][app:102]: ESPHome version 2022.2.4 compiled on Mar 23 2022, 12:11:17
[12:20:45][C][wifi:491]: WiFi:
[12:20:45][C][wifi:353]:   Local MAC: 48:3F:DA:8D:A3:42
[12:20:45][C][wifi:354]:   SSID: [redacted]
[12:20:45][C][wifi:355]:   IP Address:
[12:20:45][C][wifi:356]:   BSSID: [redacted]
[12:20:45][C][wifi:358]:   Hostname: 'garage1'
[12:20:45][C][wifi:360]:   Signal strength: -77 dB ▂▄▆█
[12:20:45][C][wifi:364]:   Channel: 7
[12:20:45][C][wifi:365]:   Subnet:
[12:20:45][C][wifi:366]:   Gateway:
[12:20:45][C][wifi:367]:   DNS1:
[12:20:45][C][wifi:368]:   DNS2:
[12:20:45][C][logger:233]: Logger:
[12:20:45][C][logger:234]:   Level: DEBUG
[12:20:45][C][logger:235]:   Log Baud Rate: 115200
[12:20:45][C][logger:236]:   Hardware UART: UART0
[12:20:45][C][switch.gpio:050]: GPIO Switch 'Garage Door 1 Relay'
[12:20:45][C][switch.gpio:051]:   Pin: GPIO4
[12:20:45][C][switch.gpio:073]:   Restore Mode: Always OFF
[12:20:45][C][template.switch:058]: Template Switch 'Garage Door 1'
[12:20:45][C][template.switch:058]:   Icon: 'mdi:gate'
[12:20:45][C][template.switch:059]:   Restore State: NO
[12:20:45][C][template.switch:060]:   Optimistic: NO
[12:20:45][C][captive_portal:144]: Captive Portal:
[12:20:45][C][mdns:084]: mDNS:
[12:20:45][C][mdns:085]:   Hostname: garage1
[12:20:45][C][ota:085]: Over-The-Air Updates:
[12:20:45][C][ota:086]:   Address:
[12:20:45][C][api:138]: API Server:
[12:20:45][C][api:139]:   Address:
[12:20:45][C][api:143]:   Using noise encryption: NO

Why that? What’s the error message? Deleting the corresponding esphome integration in ha always worked for me and it doesn’t need access to the esphome node for this.

Typical scenario in your case:

  • Delete old (obsolete) esphome integration for that device in ha :put_litter_in_its_place:
  • Add the esphome integration for that device again :heavy_plus_sign:
  • Win (like 20 seconds later) :tada:
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Yep, trying to look for the delete in the wrong place :frowning: Thanks :slight_smile:

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