Homeassistant on Rpi3B+ seems locked after a while

Hi All,

I have had issues with HomeAssistant before, resulting in having to re-install it and start from scratch.

After that I now experience regular lock-ups of the system - perhaps once every week or more frequently than that, I am not so sure when last one was, but I had the system locking-up today and I think last time it was a week ago.
Once the lock-up happens, I can see Hassio connected to my router, I can ping to its address, but I cannot access the htttp://xx.xx.xx.xx:8123 page, until I remove and re-apply power to the RPi3B+ Home Assistant is running on

My system is:
HomeAssistant 0.0114.4 / OS 4.12 running on RPi3B+
I run

  • MosquittoBroker 5.1
  • Zigbee2mqtt 1.14.4 (with a TI USB Zigbee dongle)
  • NodeRed 7.2.0
  • Influxdb & Grafana are used to display data I am grabbing from different WiFi and Zigbee sensors (door switches, Nest thermostat, lights, Tasmota switches, etc…)

I have installed also Log-viewer, but it does not look like is logging anything is going on.

I’d like to understand why my system locks up, as I am at a loss as of why it does. Without having a stored log of what happened next time it happens I cannot really say where the issue is coming from.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can monitor the activities running on my Homeassistant, so I can debug the issue I have got?

P.S. > My suggestion is to read data on the SD-card and check.

I have a similar issue but triggered in a completely different way. However I fear both issues are related.

Also on a RPi 3b+ with hassio 0.115.1

When I compile a firmware with the new ESPhome 1.15.1 my system locks up completely. No access to anything, not even the watchdog.
Only the host system is responding to a ping.
Surprisingly the compile seems to continue in the background and even uploads the firmware.

I have to power cycle the RPi to gain access again.

I suspect some kind of performance issue in both cases.

Shouldn’t there be some kind of resource controll to prevent single addons from tearing down the hole system?

…I did not have any luck finding relevant files anywhere else in the SD-Card, which seems to be encrypted, hence I have no access to files and folders in the different partitions. …

At least you have spotted what causes the lock-up.
I have no idea. It happens randomly. Though I am suspecting the Ring camera to be causing some “confusion” in the system, which, ultimately stops working.

As I said, though some add-ons have watchdogs which can be setup to on, how do I get history of the logs for homeassistant, since it booted up the very first time I installed it on the PI?
The homeassistant.log file seems to be brand new every time I boot up, so I don;t get to see what happened in the last boot.

Any idea?

I’m having this same issue on RPi3B+ but when upgrading HASS. It reboots after 30-40 minutes. I’m not using an SD Card, but a hard drive where I boot from.

Do you guys have any camera attached to your system?

I have an rtsp stream setup, and I have found this Errors with stream component and HA hangs up · Issue #22840 · home-assistant/core · GitHub after spotting a few errors detected in the homeassistant logs

2020-09-19 11:11:25 ERROR (stream_worker) [homeassistant.components.stream.worker] Stream packet without dts detected, skipping…

I will disable the cameras and see whether this fixes the issue I am having.

I don’t have any cameras/RTSP streams.