HomeAssistant on windows 10 with access to usb devices

Hi guys

I have win10 and installed Hyper-V. I can run hassio without any problem, but I can’t setup share use devices like stick CC2531 or deconz. Did someone know how to setup it?

I saw some solutions like share with “enchanted session” and some tools which share USB devices by the network but all of them don’t work with hassio.

Help, please.


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HyperV doesn’t support USB passthrough, I had to use VirtualBox to do it.

as said, the only way is to use SW like usb redirector, but needs install on both host and guest.
Since hassOS is so strict as OS i don’t think it’s possible to use them.
You can do it if you use your own linux os ( ubuntu, debian, centos ) and then install HA core or supervised on linux.
I did a test with bluetooth from host hyper-v to ubuntu guest and it was working fine.

You right. I spend a day trying setup hyper-v and then 30 mins for VirtualBox and it works!