HomeAssistant or Home Assistant? YOU DECIDE

So originally the app was named “HomeAssistant” because “Home Assistant” displayed as “Home Assis…”. However, it’s bugging me a little bit that push notifications also appear as “HomeAssistant”. There is no way to make the title below the icon on your homescreen “HomeAssistant” and the title in push notifications “Home Assistant” (except on Apple Watch, but even then it’s too long and wraps).

So here’s another poll for y’all!

What should the app title be on iOS?

  • HomeAssistant, because it displays nicely under the icon without an ellipsis.
  • Home Assistant, because it’s the name of the project, screw the ellipsis!

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Thanks as always

Mine shows always as · Home... but anyway I preffer HomeAssistant

That’s only due to Testflight. The actual app name when released will not have the dot at the start.

Yes, but I have an icon for the frontend added to homepage that shows as Home Assi... , so…Hass? :smile:

The ellipsis are driving me crazy. Looks like the vote went for ‘HomeAssistant’ but it launched with the space. Possible to reconsider?

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Speaking of not displaying correctly, is there a fix coming soon for now HA displays when in an iPad split view? Appreciate all your hard work on this!!