HomeAssistant OS install on a RockChip 3399 board

I had a spare ROC-RK3399-PC (Renegade Elite) board at home. Since I got it, I’ve been wishing I could run HomeAssistant OS on it (seamless OS upgrades, yay) as it is the most powerful aarch64 board I have at home.

There is no HomeAssistant OS image for this board, so this did not seem possible without significant work… Then I found this post about a firmware for this board. This installs in the board SPI flash, and offers among other things, EFI booting from the SD card slot. I then dumped haos_generic-aarch64-11.0.img.xz (uncompressed) to a SD card and, lo and behold, this successfully booted to the onboarding screen on homeassistant.local:8123

This haos_generic-aarch64 image can probably work on other aarch64 boards which have EFI boot support.

Just wanted to share these findings, but since I’m kind of new here, maybe these are old news already discussed elsewhere :slight_smile:


This applies not just for Renegade Elite. All Libre Computer boards with SPI NOR will be able to use a generic ARM64 image as long as the kernel on that image is Linux 6.4 or higher.

For the boards without SPI NOR, you have to use libretech-flash-tool to write the bootloader onto the image and it will work as well.

You can run it on this $20 1GB board as well after HA updates the image to Linux 6.4 or higher. https://www.amazon.com/Libre-Computer-AML-S805X-AC-Frite-Single/dp/B07T583QZ8/

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