HomeAssistant Reloads UI periodically even if you're editing something since 0.10x


Does anyone else experience this issue since 0.10x (not sure which version it started with exactly as I did not do much editing between those) where UI is automatically reloaded in what seems like fixed intervals? Not the whole UI, sidebar menu stays in place, but the main content of the page that’s in the iframe, i believe, gets reloaded?

As you can imagine it’s extremely annoying when you’re editing something like Automations or even the Configurator addon. Writing something for a minute and then losing it, then again and again, forcing yoou to hit “Save” after each changed line, that’s horrible.

I’m using Firefox and running Hass.io on dedicated Debian VM installed with the “Generic linux server” script if it matters.

I want to check with the community first, maybe it’s a known issue, before posting it on github.

This has never happened to me. I leave stuff on my screen for hours at a time.

It never happened to me on earlier versions as well. Just updated to the latest version to see if it would fix the issue (from 0.102.1 to 0.102.3) - nope. Refreshed the page, cleared cache and all.

Yeah. Not happening to me at all.

Could it be the “meta refresh” configuration in your browser? If so, you can disable it. Firefox typically disables it by default, and (at least for me) it throws a flag on the bottom left of the screen when a change in the content is detected.


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Should it refresh the whole page or just the iframe? Because it only refreshes the contents of the page, as I mentioned, Hass menu stays in place during refresh… I think. But I will check thanks.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve seen it on the HA UI. I’ve seen the notification flag on this forum, though.

I think it helped, actually. I was able to edit some automations and config and it did not reload once after changing that value in firefox.

Thanks! Hopefully it’s the fix, I’ll mark it as solution.

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So it’s a Firefox issue?

It’s not clear to me.

Here’s a link regarding ‘meta refresh’:


After my post, I took a quick look at the HTTP source for the UI. I’m not very familiar with the Firefox tools, but I couldn’t find any meta refresh references during a cursory look. That said, it seemed to help Michael, so his configuration change apparently did something.

Right. I’m just not seeing this on Chrome at all. I keep editing windows open for hours on end sometimes.

Do you think a VM configuration could somehow be involved?

I do remember a similar problem several months ago with either Hass.io or Visual Studio Code. It was a known problem and was fixed fairly quickly.