Homeassistant sensor values to homematic?

I have a bunch of homematic radiator valves which are controlled via a raspberrymatic.
They work well enough but have the problem that they read the temperature directly next to the radiator which of course is always much higher than the rest of the room.
Homematic offers remote thermometers which can be placed in the room and then homematic uses their value to control the trv. But these are quite costly.
I have a bunch of aqara and esphome thermometers connected with homeassistant and was trying to figure out if I can somehow send their values to homematic / raspberrymatic and connect them on that end to a trv.
I know I can let ha do the controlling of the valves but I thought that homematic probably spent more time calculating how to control the trv than me, so I would like to let the raspberrymatic do the controlling.
Is there any way to achieve this? I looked into cux a while ago but it didn’t seem possible then.
Maybe resident homematic guru @danielperna84 can shed some light?

That’s not really my area. But I believe there were other users who have tried something similar. Do a search here on the forum, maybe you’ll find some hints.

It is not possible unless you get the raspberrymatic team to integrate the option to use third party thermometers in raspberrymatic.

I use Node-Red to control my Homemaric TRVs, but ai do it by setting the target temperature on the TRV, so the TRVs can not be used to set target temperature directly anymore. It has to be done on through HA or a device that goes through HA.