Homeassistant stop working after 4 days

I have a problem with all versions of the home assistant. After 4 to 5 days of simple use the home assistant will not start. By the way, I can not even access my raspberry. Only one red light is on. Will it be because I’m using an 8-gigabyte card or because I’m using a raspberry pi 2?

What happens if you try to restart your Pi?

If it doesn’t reboot properly I’d say your SD-card is corrupt.

I simply miss the connection of my raspberry … I guess that’s right. The card gets corrupted always after 4 days. It is unbearable, I have already expressed another 8 gb the same thing happens. Is 8 gb little?

8 GB should be fine, but it could be an issue with the brand/quality of the card you’re using.

More likely the quality of the card. What brand and model is it?

If you only see a single red light after pulling the power cable and reinserting it, the Pi haven’t found a bootable system on the card (the single red light is the “power connected” light).

Yes i only see red light. I will buy another card, i have 2 and happens the same. I have formated them fat32. The brand of my cards is dane elec.

And if you reinstall Raspbian/HASS they will run for another 4 days and then crash again?

Yes. Happens again. Strange no?

Yeah, that’s a bit weird. If the SD-card was faulty you wouldn’t be able to reinstall the system…

Do you have a bigger memory card to try with?

I would blame the SD cards or the power supply.

You make clean shutdown (or don’t shutdown at all), don’t you?

No i dont have. But tomorrow i go buy one.

When i want to use restart use the sudo reboot command. But lately install the system and never restart … after 4 days I can no longer access … I disconnect the power and I turn it on … and only appears the red light of the raspberry. Then re-write to the card my backup image and it works fine for another 4 days.

This sounds more like a resource limit than a corruption.

Are you checking how full the card is during the 4 days? It could be a log file gets so big that it is making the disk too full to restart.

Or there could be some other resource it is using.

IMO 8gb is way too small. I would also consider getting a Class 10 card. I bought this and I have never had any problems with resources or corruption. It’s also allowed me to run all my addons like AppDaemon, HADashboard and run my db through MySQL. For $27.99 USD, it’s a cheap solution and performance is fantastic.


I have been running HA for 5 months on an 8GB card with AppDaemon and InfluxDB with no problems (I am desperately touching wood now :open_mouth:). It currently has 5.1 GB Free.

A bigger card would help the long term reliability because of the write balancing that the cards do, but 8GB should be enough to run.

I think you meant to say “knocking on wood” LOL. “Touching wood” has a very different meaning that I am sure you did not intend! :laughing:

As I said, this is just my opinion. But for such a cheap price, having the flexibility to run whatever you want now and in the future as well as the extra space for write leveling is worth the small extra expense.

I did some research on this and found some interesting links I’d like to share:

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I think the phrase has different meanings on each side of the Atlantic. Strange I hadn’t noticed, as I spent 15 years in Florida. Maybe everyone was too polite to say :flushed:

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Lol ‘touch wood’ is the phrase where I’m from too, but I can now see the other meaning lol :smiley: and will probably never look at someone who says it the same way again.

No doubt! Over here, ‘wood’ is vernacular for… (how do I say this nicely?) a stiffening of the John Thomas…

I know log and db fill up very fast. But I have a script in my setup to delete them daily. And it has worked well … except that on the 4th day of magic or witchcraft … it corrupts. But I’m even going to buy another card, I do not think it’s my raspberry problem. Regards for all, regards from Portugal