HomeAssistant Storage Cleanup

Now that I have my instance of HA in a good state and devices reporting correctly. I started to look at general maintenance items that come up and one that is still an anomaly to me is storage allocation, space cleanup, and data retention. The general guides are to Purge, Delete Backups, Uninstall Addons, and lastly to expand your storage: Clear up storage

One of the items I wish that could be expanded on is purging and recording. A lot of this is blazing trails and trying to find the perfect balance to fit your needs. As far as default config goes does anyone have any recommendations on purge_keep_days?

Currently I am seeing my states table is somewhere around 30GB with 120 days of recording enabled. Probably way too much and could live with 30 days.

More than anything I’m curious to see what others have set and current size of the states table.