Homeassistant Supervisor installation on portainer


For some reason, this was not a straight forward thing to find. I’m just wondering if anyone can please advise a link to an instruction for istalling using portainer?
if anyone can please advise the url to the supervisor image (official one if any)? All I could find is just the link to normal home assistant image.

does this help?

Thanks @BebeMischa - I’ve found this before, but this is just the github page. Not sure how to find the actual image url for docker stack. Hope I’m making sense.

From what I understand home assistant doesn’t officially support a docker supervised install in your own docker environment unless you use the home assistant core docker install. The guide above is the official install method for their supervised docker install.

My understanding of this is that the supervised install requires other dependencies and so it needs to manage the docker environment for you, although tbh I’m not sure all the technical details.

The image for the standalone core container version is on this page (the supported way): Package home-assistant · GitHub

The images for the supervisor version can be found here, although I don’t know the install instructions or if this will work. Packages · Home Assistant · GitHub

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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if you are just looking for a portainer stack I use this one for home assistant container.

version: '3.3'
        privileged: true
        restart: always
        container_name: home-assistant
            - /home/pcwii/homeassistant:/config
            - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
            - TZ=america/toronto
            - PUID=1000
            - PGID=1000
            - UMASK=007
        network_mode: host
        image: homeassistant/home-assistant:stable

Assuming you’re trying to create a supervised HA without using the Debian package, here is a link to the now deprecated installation script. Should get you going if you have the knowledge.

If it looks gibberish to you, just use the officially supported methods or you will suffer much pain and frustrations…

Thanks @pcwii - but this version however doesn’t have the supervisor tab on the right I found. Hence the reason why I wanted the supervised version. Unless if this image has it and I’ve just done it wrong?

I’m currently having the same problem. Had anybody figured this one out yet??

What exactly do you want figured out ?

The “Container” installation is different than the “Supervised” installation. See the installation types here.