HomeAssistant with Beckhoff bus coupler (BK9000 / BK9050 / BK90100) without PLC


I would like to add HomeAssistant to my house. Currently there is a plc built in where no source code is available any more, so I would like to replace the plc with a Beckhoff bus coupler and module system and install a home assistant solution.

The bus coupler can speak Modbus or Beckhoff ADS protocols and the communication works with Modbus. The Beckhoff ADS extension is currently broken (Bump pyads to 3.4.0 by mrpasztoradam · Pull Request #116934 · home-assistant/core · GitHub).

My problem is that I have light switches wired to digital inputs. To detect a push signal I need a high request rate and good performance, otherwise the home assistant will not know that there was a push signal.

With the current Modbus or Beckhoff integration this would not be possible in my oppionien in case of the overall system architecture. So I am thinking about implementing a home assistant add-on with a communication task and only pushing status changes back to the home assistant.

Would this be a good idea? Are there any similar solutions I could start with?

Thanks for your help!