Homeassistant with Dnsmasq on Chrome

Im having this weird issue with Home assistant not loading on Chrome.

  1. Accessing directly with local IP ( - :white_check_mark: on Chrome, :white_check_mark: on Safari
  2. Accessing using a duckdns URL (https://homeassistanturl:8123) from external network - :white_check_mark: on Chrome, :white_check_mark: on Safari
  3. Accessing the duckdns URL from local network - :x: on Chrome, :white_check_mark: on Safari

I just get a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED for the 3rd test.

Im not sure it is an NGINX issue, since the url works fine on Safari and Firefox.

Also, it is not a chrome issue, since Im able to access the URL from outside my local network.

Any suggestions ?


Try turning “secure dns” off in chrome settings (open chrome://settings in a chrome window → Security and privacy → security → advanced )
The secure dns will use dns over https and wont read from your dnsmasq.
im having the same issue