HomeAssistant (with Homekit) and Homebridge

Hello everybody

I own a raspberry pi 3b +.
I need to control Tahoma and the Ikea outlets.

If I run homebridge, all devices from Tahoma are recognized but the plugin ikea does not support the outlets.
If I run HomeAssistant with ikea plugin, the outlets are well recognized but some of the Tahoma devices are not well recognized as the temperature sensor or dimmer.

I was wondering if it was possible for me to run on raspbian lite, both Home Assistant with the ikea tradfiri plugin, and homebridge with the Tahoma plugin, like that i put together the best of both worlds.
I already tried with a manual start, it seems to work.
But when I start up HomeAssistant and homebridge on bootcamp, the Homebridge plugin does not start properly.

Is this solution possible without conflict?



This is what I get from Homebridge when both Homebridge and homeAssistant boot on start up

If I do “sudo systemctl stop homebrige” and then I start Homebridge manually with “homebridge”, Homebridge start correctly.

Any idea ?