Homeassistant won't restart in any way

I am a fellow home assistant user for a while now and trial and error has gotten me a long way into the world of domotica. Only this time I really seem to be stuck with something. My homeassistant won’t restart in any possible way except unplugging my pi3b+. Restarting hass via the configuration files doesnt work, restarting the server via server controls doesn’t work and restarting via Supervisor->system->reboot doesn’t work. This has been happening since I updated after about two months of running the same software. What changed and can be wrong?

Restarting in the UI will not restart when there is a configuration error


I found it, I still had ‘base_url’ in my http section

Thanks for this… something else I’ve learnt which seems perfectly logical after the fact. Reckon it should be made more obvious though, I’d have definitely 'What the Heck’ed it had I known at the time. Thanks again.