HomeAssistent including all addons deploying with docker compose


I hope you can help me on the right track. I’ve been looking for a way to install home assistant with all addons via docker compose on my nas (QNAP) for a whole day. I do not find a clear example in the docs.
I do find a compose example on the Internet to set up image: homeassistant / home-assistant: latest, but there are no addons in it …
so is there anyone who can share a yml docker compose (or swarm) example of Home assistant that includes all addons?

Thanks in advance!
I really like this project.

You can’t run Home Assistant Supervised in docker compose.

oh that’s why I can’t find anything about it, do you know why this is not possible? maybe there is another way to get it working with all addons anyway?

I don’t know the exact details, but Home Assistant OS has it’s own ecosystem and the addons are not just docker containers, these are containers that have been adapted to fit in the HA ecosystem, add ingress support etc.

Yeah install Home Assistant Supervised or Home Assistant OS, but neither of these uses docker-compose.

Why do you need to have them configured via docker-compose?

Because its easy to deploy it with docker. I have a nas, this is the only way to install home assistant I think unless you have another idea?

Which NAS exactly?

Short answer, because the Supervisor is a Docker manager, like K8s.

Not at all, you don’t need the Supervisor or add-ons, if you’re willing to learn a little Docker. All those add-ons are just Docker containers modified for the Supervisor.

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Ive got a qnap.

So from what I read the obly option is an installation in docker (Home Assistant Container), this means that you can’t get addons, you need to configure docker containers yourself to get the same functionality as the addons.

I use it like this as well.

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