Homeassitant core : how to create a template helper?

i have no access to config.yaml to create template sensors.

i want to use my codes , but how i can enter them into a helper ?


{%  if states("input_boolean.merker5")   == 'on' %}
  {%- else -%}
{%- endif %}

my available helpers in HA_core

how can i find a walkaround to make my custom helpers/sensors ?

thx in advance

Settings > Devices & Services > Helpers > Create Helper > Template


I don’t see {} Template in your menu.

What is the version of Home Assistant you are using?

Why not?

its HA core , i cant install addons , and also its a homeassistant server made by a 3th party .
so updates/upgrades are controlled by the 3th party ( a manufacture of domotics)

The version number is displayed in Settings > About.

The most current version is 2024.2.5. What is your version number?

i dont have “settingsc- about” to
will it make a differcance to find a walkaround?
remember my HA-server is made by a 3th party company , i dont have the source for the closed source the made from homeassitant…

You should contact whoever is managing your Home Assistant server.