Homebridge does not work outside home network

I have the Homebridge plugin installed with Hassio
All Homebridge plugins including the ones exposed to home-assistant work fine when I’m in my home network but does not work remotely since 2.40 update.
Any ideas ?
I’m happy post my configuration files here.

homebridge,Need a hub, for example: iPad/Apple tv4/HomePod and other devices can be accessed by an external network.

I should have explained that in my initial post. I have all three. An Apple TV 4, a HomePod and an iPad all acting as either hub or standby
HomeBridge was working fine even with these plugins prior to 2.40

I have homebridge-broadlink-rm plugin which is possibly causing some error ?

2018-4-3 14:21:19] [Broadlink RM] Air Conditioner addTemperatureCallbackToQueue (requested temperature from device, waiting)
[2018-4-3 14:21:19] [Broadlink RM] Air Conditioner onTemperature (15.4)
[2018-4-3 14:21:19] [Broadlink RM] Air Conditioner advanced addTemperatureCallbackToQueue (requested temperature from device, waiting)
[2018-4-3 14:21:19] [Broadlink RM] Air Conditioner advanced onTemperature (12.9)
[2018-4-3 14:21:21]

If there is a central device, theoretically, the external network can request any data. Confirm whether it is the same ID or the invited ID. In this way, it can be ensured that the data of HomeKit can be normally requested on the external network.
However, it is normal for HomeKit to have problems occasionally!

I was trying to eliminate the possible problem as this was working fine for a while and now four 5 days it has not.

As a process of elimination:

  1. I removed my HomePod
  2. Setup the Apple TV 4 as the hub
  3. Then I restarted Homebridge
  4. Checked on both home network and on 4G
  5. Re added HomePod
  6. Updated HomePod to 11.3
  7. Re tried homebridge
  8. Now it seems to work and has been stable for past 1 hour
  9. Will report back in a few days.

As an addendum: after the iOS 11.3 update to HomePod and following the above steps my network is stable.
Only issue I see is it takes upto 9-10 seconds for the devices to update every time. I do have 64 devices exposed via home-assistant HomeKit. Wonder if that’s the reason for the update delay.

It is normal for the external network to have a certain delay through 4G access to HomeKit.