Homebridge: HA automation switch

Hey Guys,
I was wondering if it was possible to get access to the HA automations switches in Homebridge (to turn on/off automations from HA, not iOS home automations of course).
The only way I can think of right now is creating an input_boolean that triggers an automation to turn on/off another automation … you can tell by my explanation this doesn’t really sound optimal :slight_smile:

A concrete example: I have a Home Assistant automation that pushes my work commute time in a notification to my phone on workdays when movement is detected at the breakfast table. I have this thing called “vacation days” sometimes (wink wink) at which time I don’t care much for my work commute :slight_smile: so I turn off the automation at that point. I’d love an option to handle this on homekit as well.

Is this possible without the workaround of another switch & automation?

May I propose an alternative solution? :blush: Create a google calendar and use the google integration. Now, this allows you to create a binary sensor that is on when a keyword is present in an active calendar entry. So, just create sensor that matches for instance “vacation”. When you have a planned vacation, just add entries to be calendar and use the sensor as a prerequisite for your notification automation (i.e. do not send when “off”). This is automatic and also quite flexible. Since you have the calendar configured at this stage, there are endless things you can do. I have not done this myself yet, but I plan to.

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been thinking about adding a google calendar to HA but never got around to doing it so far … Sounds like I really should :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input!