Homebridge-homeassistant has been deprecated

It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally happened. As of today, homebridge-homeassistant is deprecated. This means it will no longer receive updates or accept issues or pull requests to the repository, which has also been archived. We are doing this due to the myriad changes that came to Home Assistant with the new auth API which will have broken setups for many but mostly because Home Assistant has had native HomeKit support since 0.64. We strongly suggest you migrate to that native setup if you haven’t already.


@robbiet480 Please help me understand here. I have Homebridge installed so I can use one of it’s plugins to get Homekit access to some Hunter-Douglas blinds that don’t yet have Homekit support. What is the path for those of us using HA but needing this functionality? Native Homekit integration in HA wouldn’t seem to solve my problem. Thanks.

@misterwiggles You can continue using Homebridge in concert with the homekit component. The component will expose everything except your blinds which will be exposed via Homebridge. Everything can be part of the same home.

Thanks for the info

I use the homekit: in configuration.yaml then there is no impact for me and other users who have homekit: in the configuration.yaml file?


Just drop in to say thanks for your plug-in, I want to let you know that it is still useful. I am still using it right now with Hassio v0.100.3 (the last version that it still work on due to removal of password authentication, been using it for 3 years). So hassio will also expose to homebridge not just homekit, because homebridge have plugins that hassio dont have eg homebridge-alexa plugin. For those who want to go this path i suggest running 2 instances of hassio. the main hassio (latest version) where all your devices and sensors resides and expose them to homekit via native integration — link that and expose all your devices and sensors to the second hassio (v0.100.3) and now use this plugin in homebridge and pull all your sensors and device to homebridge. Then setup your homebridge-alexa plugin. Now you have Siri, Alexa and Hassio all link to one home. Any changes will propagates across Homekit. Alexa and Hassio.