Homebridge-homeassistant not work

I installed HASSIO v0.57.2 with raspberry pie3, then install the Homebridge plug-in v2.1.2, the option as follows:

  "log_level": "info",
  "avahi_interfaces": "",
  "avahi_hostname": "",
  "avahi_domainname": "local",
  "enable_ipv6": true,
  "packages": [
  "init_commands": [],
  "plugins": [
  "miio homebridge-mi-philips-light"

Configure the config.json:

"platforms": [
    "platform": "HomeAssistant",
    "name": "HomeAssistant",
    "host": "http://hassio/homeassistant",
    "password": "",
    "supported_types": ["automation", "binary_sensor", "climate", "cover", "device_tracker", "fan", "group", "input_boolean", "light", "lock", "media_player", "remote", "scene", "script", "sensor", "switch", "vacuum"],
    "default_visibility": "visible",
    "logging": true,
    "verify_ssl": true

But when I use the Home APP, I can see the Xiaomi-philips-light which I configured in the HB, but can not see any HA devices, such as Xiaomi gateways, Yeelight.

I don’t use Hass.io so I don’t know much about it. My Ha uses this plug in to connect to homebridge so make sure you installed it. It has a log that you can check out.

npm install -g homebridge-homeassistant

your configs seems off:

  1. your plugins starts with “[” you need to close that.

  2. you config.json: set your host to “host”: “”,