Homebridge no longer available

Since core update to 2021.11 the entities in my homebridge instance are no longer available.
Set up a complete new instance, it got detected, but when configuring I get “Flow not found”.
Any help is appreciated.

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I am experiencing this same thing actually.

Did you find a resolution? I’ve had to revert back to 2021.10.7 to keep it going

Found a fix (workaround?), gave 2021.11.4 another stab tonight

Initially had same issue of Homebridge accessories not being active

In Homebridge I cleared all accessories in cache and changed the mDNS Advertiser from Bonjour HAP → Caio. Restarted Homebridge and all is well.

Not sure why, but it works. Hopefully helps someone else encountering this

Changed to Ciao and now it is working again.
Did not have to change anything else.