Homeconnect: unavailable entities. Integration no longer maintained?

Hello, I installed homeconnect integration to monitor the alarm of my Siemens oven and TTS the signal in all the house like I was doing it previously with Jeedom.

The problem: after sucessfull installation some entities are unavailable:

  • Duration
  • Program Progress
  • Remaining Program Time

Did anyone managed to get it working?
Is this integration still maintained? I see that someone created a 3rd party extension “home connect alt” saying that this extension is no longer maintained. Is this true?

If this integration is not working, isnt’t it time to cleanup??

This is “normal” when it’s not running for my dishwasher, so I’m guessing an oven is the same. Having said that, I don’t think Home Connect is fabulously reliable, and I suspect it’s them, not the integration. They have an online API which seems to regularly fail. However, it has been pretty good for me over the last month.

You mean, the entities of your dishwasher get “normal” state ?
But mine are always unavailable and never change. I tried with different states of the oven.

On this specific point, I’m sure the API delivers the right info. Before using homeassistant, I was using an other similar product, “jeedom” with a plugin similar to homeconnect integration. That plugin was able to relay the alarm info with precision.

I just meant normal behaviour. I used the quotes because it’s probably not what you would want as normal. Because I didn’t really need them and the entities regularly go unavailable I have disabled them in HA. When my dishwasher is running a program those entities have values (except mine are disabled).

Dishwashers always have a program, so if running, will have a program progress. However, ovens can be operated without a program, so in these cases progress and remaining time would probably stay unavailable. You would have to use a program on the oven to see if these update.

Thanks for the precision.

Too bad. Home assistant “home connect” plugin is not reliable while “home assistant plugin” in Jeedom is very reliable. That’s a bit overkill but I’ll keep using jeedom only to catch this alarm signal and transmit it to home assistant via MQTT.
I hope in the future home assistant devs will debug their integration.
Jeedom did the demonstration that the home connect API is reliable.
(jeedom is a domotic system similar to home assistant)