Homegear installation on Raspi

Hey guys,

after my FHEM installation failed on my old Raspi, I finally took that as a sign to switch to Home Assistant.
I bought a Raspi 4 8GB while they were still cheap and plan to use it for this.

I set up the Raspi with the Raspi Imager and selected Home Assistant.

I have the following devices in use throughout my flat:

  • EQ3 MAX! Thermostats (868 MHz)
  • Intertechno compatible sockets (433 MHz)
  • Intertechno remotes linked to sockets or sometimes software functions (433 MHz)

I have been using two CULs (433 and 868 MHz) to control them under FHEM so far.

I would like to use Homegear to integrate all this into Home Assistant, as it seems to be the moste compatible option to get these devices running again.
The thermostats would be optional for a first shot, but having a link between wifi outlets, smart speakers,… and my remote controls, as well as controlling the sockets would be great.

I saw that there are some AddOns that try to install Homegear, but they all seem to be relying on the no longer maintained rpi-homegear.
I looked into Portainer and installed Homegear in it, but under homeassistant:2001 I could not get a connection to the container web interface.

What am I doing wrong and what is the easiest way to set up Homegear on my Raspi?
Thanks a lot!

Homegear does not have a Web interface. Port 2001 is the XML-RPC port, which the HomeMatic integration can connect to. But support for Intertechno Devices is very limited, as they are not bi-directional. Hence you can’t be sure about the current state.

To be honest: if you can afford it, switch to new hardware. At least for the Intertechno stuff. I believe for the MAX Thermostats there are solutions. There are a few threads about those here, although I haven’t read them, as I don’t own such hardware.