HomeKey Support Request

Using Home Assistants HomeKit Bridge is wonderful thing. Love it.
When exposing Nuki Hub to Apple’s Home app, the lock works fine. But It would be perfect, to add HomeKey support, to unlock exposed lock using Apple’s wallet key and NFC reader. It would be also perfect, generating HomeKey’s for individual purposes, for example, activating security system or whatever comes in mind.

Perhaps you missed the fact that Nuki is supported.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what are You trying to say?

Nuki is already supported by HA

Yes. I know it is. Didn’t You read my question?
I have Nuki integrated in my HA.
I would like to have HomeKey in my Apple Wallet to use it to unlock my home with NFC reader. When exporting HA “lock” domain into iOS Home it should generate HomeKey! And it’s not!
That’s the question and request.

That seems to be a homekit issue?

I don’t think it’s an issue. if HA didn’t generate lock’s capability to interact with the lock via HomeKey “Lock” entity in iOS Home app cant import missing information…

Home Assistant should be able to generate HomeKey “entity” usually they are Locks, Cars, and similar so iOS could handle that info, and import it into wallet.

Bank cards are no use (even they are imported into Apple wallet), and can be scanned using NFC reader, because they have’nt fixed NFC ID.

I think the encryption protocols for HomeKey have been problematic for third parties to produce. It may be a while before that comes to light in any HomeKit setup, even HomeBridge, which tends to be further ahead of the curve than most HomeKit implementations, doesn’t have a reliable way to do this.

When you consider the purpose of HomeKey and the encryption to protect it, then it’s not hard to imagine that reverse engineering it is going to take a while - even HomeKit vendors have to go through a heavy certification process to become HomeKey certified and provide an integration.

You can replicate this process in a few different ways, but native HomeKey isn’t likely to show up anytime soon.

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I agree with you. That would be an amazing feature. If you want to have HomeKey, there is a “DIY” solution if you are interested. Just found it while googling for HomeKey in HA: https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeKit/s/he2zbXx5Aj

As the project name stands, it’s HomeKey Reader.
I Don’t have a HomeKey, and would like to have one.

But, a clever guy has done it!

This is HomeAssistant Lock entity, with virtual lock entity in iOS Home app, which generates HomeKey!!!
And scanning HomeKey does automations in Home Assistant!
This IS the right stuff!

Great job rednblkx!

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