Homekit Accessory Passthrough Capability

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Thank you for looking at my feature Request. This is something I have struggled with a lot (eve accessory firmware upgrades)

In addition to accessory mode and bridge mode, we would like to request a pass through mode.

Ideally for HomeKit accessories being paired with Home Assistant via the HomeKit controller then attached back to HomeKit. Home assistant could emulate calls made between the accessory and HomeKit so that from Homekit’s perspective, the accessory is paired directly.

This would allow us to control HomeKit accessories in home assistant, via HomeKit compatible apps, and allow the vendor apps like iDevices, iHome, and Eve that leverage HomeKit for their vendor control and firmware updates to all work correctly.

As an example,
Today, in order to upgrade the firmware on a homekit accessory, one must reset the device, pair the accessory with HomeKit, upgrade the firmware, then reset the device again, and pair it with home assistant.

With a passthrough mode, firmware updates would be automatic and done through the HomeKit interface. No re-pairing or resetting required.

Thank you!