HomeKit accessory type change

Hi there,

I have attached a Qubino 10v flush dimmer to my mechanical ventilation box. Now I can control the speed of the in-house ventilation using the level entity of this dimmer.

I’m using the build-in HomeKit integration, since the HomeKit app is my main control device for automation. Now the thing is that this Qubino dimmer has an entity domain of a light (light.qubino_zmnhvdx_flush_dimmer_010v_level). The result of this, is that the ventilation is showed in HomeKit as a light with dimming options.

Can I change this, to have it displayed as a fan?

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Do you have a solution for your question?
I have similar problem.

I using Qubino 0-10V dimmer with Option Box into my Zehnder Q350.
I woud like to chage icon in homekit to FAN.