HomeKit - Add Additional Devices

Wondering what the behavior is intended to be for HomeKit Component integration, when adding new devices. I don’t mean the initial scan. I got through that part initially with just my light/switch domains exposed to it. Now I’ve added in sensors, groups, and scripts - but these new devices are not being discovered. I’m not sure what the workflow is supposed to be when using a “bridge” in HomeKit.

I believe some users of HomeBridge have illustrated that addition of new devices is automatic, they just get discovered automatically and will appear in the default room vs the manual room selection setup when first connecting HomeKit.

Is any one able to help elaborate on this or how I can get these new devices to appear?

I assume you’re talking about the HomeKit component and not the HomeKit controller component.

In that case new accessories will be discovered by HomeKit automatically. It might just talk a bit of time. A restart could/should help; speed it up. Make sure the new sensors, groups, etc. are not excluded by the filter.

Thanks! Yes I am speaking of the component. So many variations around here! ;o)

I think I found the issue and it was related to the domains I entered. Instead of script, I entered scripts. Subtle difference but could make all the world. I haven’t had a chance yet to re-visit it, but I think this will be the resolution. My only other stumble may be that supposedly groups are not listed as “supported”, though I’m hoping a “group” of lights would be recognized as a light. Easier to create groups as I use them in HA than to have to create these groups in HK as well.

Groups are not yet supported. Maybe later.
If you want to group light, maybe check out the light group component.