Homekit AID lost after HA Update


I twice lost all my Homekit automations, which contained a sensor or switch etc. as trigger mapped from HA to Homekit, after updating HA.
It seems that when HA is updated the unique accessory id (AID) generated for Homekit is changed. The sensor etc. mapped from HA appears in Homekit again. However, Homekit considers them as new and for ever reason deletes every automation which contained a sensor etc. mapped from HA to Homekit.

Any ideas how I can avoid this to happen!


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We remember the AID as long as the unique id or the entity id doesn’t change.

If there is no unique id and the entity id changes there isn’t anything we can do to retain the aid.

Same problem here… It is annoying :frowning:

I don‘t know what @bdraco exactly means I must say… I have some simple switches and scripts (and I haven‘t changed their entity id) which I send from HA to Homekit and they got replaced as new entities in Homekit after I updated Home Assisstant. I never had this problem with my Alexa integration through Nabu Casa cloud, it only happens in Homekit.

Which version are you coming from, and which version are you going to ?

Is there a way to check this? I do not remember which version I came from but now I do have 0.112.5


0.111 was the first version with stable Accesory Ids. Please check the release notes for the HomeKit breaking change

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Ah okay, this could have been the problem. I just checked my last snapshot and I have been on 0.104.2 and I updated to 0.113. I didn’t update for that specific reason, because it happened before.
That’s good news though, I hope it won’t break again now.

Ok that was the issue.
I definitely came form A version lower than 0.111

So hopefully next time I won‘t loose my Automations on Homekit.

Please all cross your fingers :yum: