HomeKit - Apple TV - conflict and multi automation instructions?

AS I have worked my way transitioning to HA from my earlier HK setup and automations, I still have to configure my Apple TV, I’ve been holding off wondering if this will cause me troubles. My Apple TV was the hub for my HK setup before and worried it may cause problems by overlaying on top of the HASS bridge currently controlling my HK devices (mainly switches for now). Can I just go through the configuration of it, and expect no issues ?

My other question is, now that I have HA controlling my HK devices, with scenes and automations (that are working great by the way), if I for some reason make new automations via HK (and the Apple TV) will the devices then be able to take instructions from both HA and HK without troubles ?

BTW – I have received great help from all you guys, and much appreciate it ! I assume some of you actually work for HA/Nabu fielding our questions, or maybe just volunteers ? If so, you have a way for me to buy you a coffee/beer ?

Like most things, it depends. It sounds like you have everything seen by both HomeKit and Home Assistant - which is half the battle. If you have to use a device with HomeBridge integration it will cause problems as the device only likes to hook up to 1 HK network at a time.

If you can see and control a devices from both HA and HK, and they both sense a change state when it is activated then for the most part you should be good to go. As long as scenes and automations don’t actively compete I wouldn’t be too concerned.

If however you have a device that is only controlled by HomeKit and does not have secondary API access then you will have problems.

Thank for the reply. All my HK devices, except for the Apple TV, are being seen by both HA and HK just fine, and I can control them from both as well, pretty sweet actually. So all I have left is the Apple TV. Right now it has been “discovered” by HA, but I have not configured it yet, as explained above. I do not really plan to complicate thinigs by have automations in both HA and HK. Can I assume then that I can go ahead and configure my Apple TV within HA ? I supose I coudl try it, and if it causes issues I can delete the config…

…well, started configuring the Apple TV, and got the error below… I went to the TV itself, and went through the settings with the Apple provided remote, and AirPlay is indeed turned on.

Not sure what HA means by “Pairing is Required” ?


…got same errors for “companion”, “RAOP” , and finally an error saying "failed to set-up device.

NO idea how to go forward, but I suppose maybe those are HK bits and not HA, so this is probably not the right place to post.