HomeKit + Aqara Button + Node-Red: Create a node triggered by a button?


My setup is as follows:

  • Home Assistant
  • Integration of my Aqara M2 Hub which contains my aqara button in HomeKit
  • Node-RED that I use to create my scenarios

My wish :

  • Create a Node in Node-RED that will be triggered for my aqara button

What works:

  • Before, my button was declared on my Conbee II key and I used the deCONZ Node to trigger my scenario. Now I only want to use the Aqara M2 Hub
  • With HomeKit, an HA automation works well, like this:
platform: device
device_id: 614436c57b6f0c8c
domain: homekit_controller
type: button1
subtype: single_press

But impossible to configure a Node “events:state” or “device” so that it is triggered by my button :confused:

If someone has already encountered the problem and / or has an idea, I’m interested :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Sorry for my english


I found my answer, you had to install “Node-RED Companion” in addition.

To debug my problem, I followed this doc:


If it can be useful to someone one day :slight_smile: