HomeKit automation stops working

I have Hassio (0.83.3) installed on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a Aeotec Z-Wave Gen 5 dongle. I have about a dozen GE Z-Wave switches and two iDevices switches. The GE smart switches are paired directly to Hassio which also has HomeKit enabled. My two iDevices switches have native HomeKit support so they’re tied directly to HomeKit.

I have an automation setup in the iOS Home app (HomeKit) which will turn on an iDevice switch when one of my GE Z-Wave switches is turned on. This works fine when I initially set it up but it seems like after a period of time (not exactly sure when), the automation stops working. I can toggle the GE Z-Wave switch just fine in the iOS Home app but the iDevice switch will not turn on. If I restart Home Assistant, this usually fixes the issue but again, it will stop working after a period of time.

For testing purposes, I created an automation in HomeKit that turns on one iDevice switch when the other is turned on. I’ve tested this for a few hours and this runs with no issue, so it appears the issue is when I’m trying to automate a native HomeKit device (iDevice switch) with a non-native HomeKit device supported through Home Assistant (GE Z-Wave switch).

Has anyone experienced something similar to this and know what’s causing it?


Edit: So I restarted my HomePod which is the connected hub for HomeKit in my house (also have two Apple TVs) and the automation appears to be working now. I suspect the issue I mentioned above isn’t necessarily with Home Assistant, but I’m curious if it has something to do with the fact I’m running an automation between a natively integrated HomeKit device and a non-natively integrated device. I don’t think it should matter, but all of my other automations appear to be working fine.

There is a lengthy issue in the Home Assistant Github repo about it.
If you noticed anything more it would be nice if you could post it there, so we can track it in one place.

Just read through that post. My issue appears to be different as I’m not getting “No Response” from my devices. So far it’s been pretty stable after I restarted my HomePod. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it and see if there’s anything I can add to that post.

Any luck in resolving this on your end? I am having the same issue where any automation I have that uses a HomeKit device from home assistant will stop working after everything comes up and is working fine. This has been an issue in .83 and .84 releases. I went back to 81.6 and everything was working for a couple of days before switching back to .84 and the issues came back. I enabled logging but didn’t see any errors when the issue existed.

After digging into the issue cdce8p posted it is related to what I am having on my side. I will look through that and see if I can add any info from my setup.

No luck. Still seeing the same issue and sometimes if I restart Home Assistant, it starts working again and other times I have to restart my HomePod. I’m going to try to remove the Home Assistant bridge and delete the .homekit.state file to start all over.