Homekit bridge - any way to re-export when new device added?

Hello folks,
newbie here, please allow me a question and feel free to be rich in your explanation. Much appreciate it.
Is there a way to re-export the Homekit bridge when adding new device to propagate such a device to Apple Homekit users without adding another Bridge or removing old one and pairing the Bridge again?

What would be the sugested workflow when adding new light to Home Assistant to propage it via Homekit bridge if other lights are already propagated?

Again, sorry if being cumbersome while explaining my point.
Thank you for taking time explaining me the issue!

Sorry, SmiRekS, no help from me on this. I’m in the same boat and am merely replying to you in order to bump the topic.

If there is a general description covering the topic “What would be the suggested workflow when adding a new device to Home Assistant to propagate it via an existent Homekit bridge already added to Apple Home?” I have yet to find it.

Helpful pointers, anyone?
Please. :slight_smile:

@SmiRekS, this seems to be a non-issue. I am finding that the Homekit bridge is auto-updating when I add new devices.