Homekit Bridge cannot be paired on iPhone

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Did anyone successfully get the homekit bridge running?
Somehow the component cannot be connected.
Got the latest HA installed on an RPi3 at a friends place and he wanted to get the Homekit Bridge going. So far HA shows the pairing code but once entering that into his phone there is nothing shown. The integration works (although with every change in the configuration it’ll create a new entry) and the notification contains a QR Code and PinCode. But after that, nothing works and there’s no connection from the iPhone to HA.
The RPi is connected through LAN while the phone of course connects through WiFi. Both are in the same network, no VLANs or anything. One can reach the other which we tested.
The Integration has been set up through the GUI and also tested with YAML. Result is the same. Also a delayed start has been tested without luck.

Does anyone manage to set it up so far? He wants to trigger some WiFi devices with his watch along with some other things, all wifi based. Couldn’t figure it out either so maybe in here somebody knows what we’re missing or did not do correct.


I have the exact same set up and problem.

Did you find a solution? I want to enable tuya plugs and zigbee devices to my iPhone, watch and wife’s iPhone