HomeKit Bridge - climate temperature precision 0,5°C instead of 0,1°C

I’m using mqtt climate entities (with attribute: target_temp_step: 0.1) in HA.
It’s working pretty well and it shows the current temperature. In the example under the current temperature for the living is 23,9 °C.

However my homekit always rounds the temperatures at 0,5 °C.
23,9 °C in HA → 24,0 °C in homekit
22,3 °C in HA → 22,5 °C in homekit
Isn’t there any solution that it just shows the correct temperature from HA in homekit and doens’t round it to 0,5°C?
Or is this a limitation of HomeKit?

In my case the temperature is displayed correctly in Homekit. But I‘m using Zigbee. So it seems not to be a general limitation.