Homekit Bridge Issue

I have successfully added Tuya integration, I can see a device and control it.
I want to add this device to apple home application on my device.
I have added Homekit Bridge integration, and the following to configuration file:


  • name: HASS Bridge
    auto_start: true
    port: 51827.

The integration has started and provided a Homekit pairing code.
I am trying to add the code (by the device camera), but eventually, I get a message: “Device not found”.
Am I missing something? Is there something that should be done in HA to expose the Tuya switch to Homekit integration?

In addition, I have been notified by HA that a new device was discovered, called HomeKit Accessory: HASS Bridge, for my understanding this is used to add native Homekit devices to HA instead of exposing device to home application, should I configure it if I do not want to use it at the moment?


Any one? :slight_smile:

If i understand correct, tuya is controlled by HA?
In other words, HA will act as a bridge between Homekit and Tuya
So i think you have to configure it…

Tuya is controlled by HA, correct, simply configured the plugin and my switch appeared.
I would like to set HA to bridge, correct.
I have added Homekit bridge integration, was sure it will do the job automatically.
Could you please point out how should I configure it?

Can any one help to configure?
I am new to HA :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance