Homekit bridge lost zigbee sensor home assistant

Hello Every Body, I have a problem with the integration of aqara sensor in Home ios app.
I have in my HA aqara sensor (T° & humidity) and binary-sensor (window/door) connected to home assistant with conbee II (Zigbee gateway)
I have also sonoff tasmota, netatmo weather station, cpu temp (cli command) tado temp info In HA exported to Home ios application by homekit bridge.
If all sensor are correctly added in home app, I lost all zigbee sensor and binary sensor often. These sensore are visible in HA but disappear (no simply not reachable) in Home ios APP
The other sensor are always visible In home ios app. The only solution found is to delete the homekit.state and create a new integration of the home assistant bridge in Home ios app.

Can you help me please ?

Did you find a solution for this? I upgraded from 0.99.x to 0.104.2 and now have exactly the same problem.

Hello, you need to delete the .homekit.state. and the component in Homekit. After I don’t remember if you need to restart Home assistant but a new pairing code appear int the notification and On you homekit all device will be there

That worked out perfectly. Thanks a lot!